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The Systematics Collections Data (SCD) portal is intended to provide access to specimen and culture data from:
  •  New Zealand Arthropod Collection | Ko te Aitanga Pepeke o Aotearoa (NZAC)
  •  Allan Herbarium | Te Kohinga Tipu o Aotearoa (CHR)
  •  New Zealand Fungarium | Te Kohinga Hekaheka o Aotearoa (PDD)
  •  International Collection of Micro-organisms from Plants | Te Kohinga Hekaheka Ora o Aotearoa (ICMP)
  •  National New Zealand Flax Collection | Te Kohinga Harakeke o Aotearoa

Intended SCD users

The SCD website is intended primarily for researchers and workers who require access to unsanitised collection data. It therefore presumes the user has an understanding of the appropriate use and limitations associated with such data:

  • The data are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.
  • The data are presented as they have been recorded on the specimens and cultures.
  • Some of the data may be inaccurate, incomplete and/or imprecise. Such data will include, but are not limited to, localities and identifications of specimens and cultures.
  • Not all specimens or cultures held by a given collection have been entered into the database.

What kinds of information can be accessed?

  • Access specimen and culture records from the five collections
  • Access images associated with specimen records
  • Download specimen data in simple text-file (CSV) format (registered users only)
  • Save selected specimens as sets that can be retrieved at a later time (registered users only)
  • Submit requests to borrow specimens or purchase cultures (registered users only)