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An integrated framework for soil health

Soil ecosystem health and resilience – a pathway to prosperity and well-being

As part of the project Soil health: oneone ora, tangata ora we are developing a universal soil health framework that can be used by a wide range of end-users, from primary industry, landowners, iwi/hapū, to central and local government. The framework will be based on a blending of science and Māori knowledge and perspectives, and designed to work alongside existing soil monitoring programmes.

While the health and well-being of our soil can be said to have significance for everyone, there are a range of stakeholder perspectives to consider, including:

  • Māori (representatives, farmers, community)
  • Scientists/the research community
  • Policy makers at national and regional level
  • The alternative agriculture community (e.g. biological, organic, biodynamic, regenerative)
  • Producers/farmers (across sectors), and
  • Agricultural sector support organisations

Feedback from stakeholders to date has taken the form of a survey, a large stakeholder workshop (April 2018) and in-depth feedback from a range of Māori stakeholders. A soil health policy workshop is being held on 15 May 2019 where current thinking on the soil health and resilience framework will be presented and discussed.