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Survey of Rural Decision Makers 2017

The third biennial Survey of Rural Decision Makers will be run in September 2017.  The survey will tackle the same topics as the previous two surveys (2015 and 2013), namely:

Ownership and structure
Land use, land-use change
Forestry practice
Water and irrigation
Technology adoption
Vertebrate, plant pests
Networks, farming support
Values, norms, preferences
Farming objectives, profits
Demographics, education
Community participation
Future planning

The survey will be delivered on-line and farmers across the country in all types of farming - including lifestyle farmers – will be invited to participate via e-mail.

What will the 2017 survey do?

  • Build on the data collected in 2013 and 2015 to establish a nationally representative repeated cross section
  • Continue to recruit into the survey sample by working with StatsNZ and rural sector organisations
  • Provide information that complements rather than repeats other surveys
  • Incorporate emerging topics of interest
  • Enable the delivery of a wide range of analyses and statistical information to support national, regional and sector policy development and evaluation
  • Support research into farmer decision making.

Can the Survey of Rural Decision Makers help you?

Landcare Research seeks collaboration partners to further improve and deliver the Survey of Rural Decision Makers 2017.  Talk to us if you are:

  • Tackling a project or problem that requires insight into farmer-level decision-making
  • Able to help us to access to farmer e-mail databases which will further improve the survey sample and ensure your target sectors are invited to participate
  • Identifying emerging issues and need an evidence base or baseline to support analysis
  • Combinations of the above.