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Summary of results - 2016

2016 Colony Loss Survey Infographic

In a nutshell...

  • Survey participation increased 5-fold.
  • Estimated colony losses for winter 2016 were 9.8%. This is statistically indistinguishable from  2015 estimates.
  • A higher share of hives was lost in the North  Island compared to the South Island.
  • Average loss rates are higher for  non-commercial beekeepers than commercial; however, there is wide variation in individual  loss rates.
  • Colony death, queen problems and wasps  accounted for 87.3% of winter colony losses  in 2016.
  • Hive numbers continue to grow. Evidence competition for apiary sites is growing: 16% of large beekeepers reported that they had sites overtaken or overcrowded or that their apiary sites had reduced floral resources.
  • Most colonies are used for honey production only. Few are used for pollination only. Some are used for both.

Survey participation increased 5-fold
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