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TACHINIDAE: Tachininae: Occisorini: Tachineo Malloch, 1938

Tachina clarkii Hutton, 1901, orig. des.; des. as a subgenus of Neotachina Malloch 1938; elevated to genus level, Dugdale 1968. [CMNZ].


Characteristics of Tachineo include: 1. Body size 12mm; 2. Abdomen metallic dark blue; 3. Postpedicel orange-yellow; 3. Parafacials golden-yellow centrally; 4. Superficially the genus Tachineo resembles the genus Occisor, but has Vein M between bend and DM-Cu more than 1/4 length of M between R-M and DM-Cu. (No specimens in NZAC that correspond to T. clarkii, there are some specimens that might be new species in this genus. The T. clarkii type is badly damaged. Note: This genus keys out together with Chaetopletha, Phaoniella, Platytachina, Plethochaetigera, and Tachineo. It is considerably difficult to find satisfactory external characters to distinguish these genera in a dichotomous key. This difficulty is expressed by Malloch 1938 several times over as well as by Dugdale 1969. A thorough revision at the genus level is needed that includes molecular analysis, rearing and collecting of new material.

Distribution in NZ

North Island: AK, BP, ND, TK, TO; South Island: MB, NN, OL.

Species in New Zealand

Tachineo clarkii (Hutton 1901); possibly some n. spp.. (The genus needs revision).

Biology and Hosts



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