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TACHINIDAE: Phasiinae: Phasiini: Phasia Latreille, 1804

Conops subcoleoptratus Linnaeus, 1767, subs. des. Latreille, 1805 [?].


Characteristics of Phasia include: 1. Body size 3 – 8mm; 2. Subscutellum very prominent and visible from above (this character easily distinguishes Phasia from all other genera in NZ).

Distribution in NZ

North Island: CL, HB, WI, WN; South Island: CO, DN, MC. (The genus has a worldwide distribution).

Species in New Zealand

Phasia campbelli (Miller, 1923).(= Campbellia cockaynei Miller, 1923; = Hyalomyia lancifera Malloch, 1930).

Biology and Hosts

Nysius huttoni White, 1878 (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae).


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