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TACHINIDAE: Tachininae: Occisorini: Peremptor Hutton, 1901

Peremptor egmonti Hutton, 1901, subsequent des. Townsend 1916. NZAC].


Characteristics of Peremptor include: 1. Body size 11 – 12mm; 2. Lower face margin distinctly higher than wide, protruding well into face; vibrissae separated by width of postpedicel.

Distribution in NZ

North Island: CL, GB, HB, RI, TK, TO, WN; South Island: BR,. CO, DN, FD, KA, MB, MC, NN, OL, SI, SL.

Species in New Zealand

Peremptor egmonti Hutton, 1901; P. kumaraensis Miller, 1913; P. modicus Hutton, 1901; 1 undescribed sp..

Biology and Hosts



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