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TACHINIDAE: Tachininae: Montanarturia Miller, 1945

Arthuria dimorpha Malloch, 1938, orig. des. [Arthuria preocc. Dall, 1881] [type missing, supposedly in Malloch collection USNM (Miller, 1950)].


Characteristics of Montanarturia include: 1. Body size 4 – 6mm; 2. Pre-sutural intra-alar setae present; 3. Wing cell r4+5 closed with long petiole; 4. Parafacials with strong setae; 5. Abdomen without micro setae on longitudinal centreline between paired setae; 6. Anatergite bare (this character shared with Asetulia, Calotachina, Pales, Genotrichia, Microhystricia, Wattia, Voriini group).

Distribution in NZ

North Island: TK, TO, WN; South Island: DN, NN.

Species in New Zealand

Montanarturia dimorpha (Malloch, 1938).

Biology and Hosts



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