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TACHINIDAE: Tachininae: Occisorini: Mallochomacquartia Townsend, 1934

Macquartia vexata Hutton, 1901, orig. des. [CMNZ].


Characteristics of Mallochomacquartia include: 1.Body size 6 – 9mm; 2. Mallochomacquartia vexata differs considerable M. nigrihirta and M. flavohirta by cloudy crossveins R-M and DM-Cu and residual vein streaks in at least 1 wing cell of r2+3, or r4+5 or dm; 3.Mallochomacquartia nigrihirta has cross vein R-M cloudy; 4. Mallochomacquartia flavohirta differs by having ventral golden-yellow hairs and bristles. Overall similar in appearance to Peremptor. The genus needs revision.

Distribution in NZ

North Island: AK, BP, CL, GB, HB, TK, TO, WN; South Island: CO, DN, MC, NC,NN, SL, WD.

Species in New Zealand

Mallochomacquartia vexata (Hutton 1901); M. nigrihirta Malloch 1938; M. flavohirta Malloch 1938.

Biology and Hosts



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