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TACHINIDAE: Tachininae: Occisorini: Heteria Malloch, 1930

Heteria appendiculata Malloch, 1930, orig. des. [NZAC].


Characteristics of Heteria include: 1. Body size 5 – 7.5mm; 2. last section of wing vein CuA1 less than half as long as penultimate section; 3. 1st aristal segment as long as or longer than 2nd, the 2 combined as long as 3rd segment.

Distribution in NZ

North Island: AK, BP, CL, GB, ND, TK, TO, WI, WN; South Island: BR, CO, DN, FD, MB,MC, MK, NC, NN, OL, SC, SD, SI, SL, WD; Chatham Islands.

Species in New Zealand

Heteria appendiculata Malloch, 1930; H. atripes Malloch, 1930; H. extensa Malloch, 1930; H. flavibasis Malloch, 1930; H. plebia Malloch, 1930; H.punctigera Malloch, 1930.

Biology and Hosts

Orocrambus sp. (Crambidae).


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Accessed: 14 August 2020


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