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TACHINIDAE: Tachininae: Linnaemyini: Chaetophthalmus Brauer & Bergenstamm, 1891

Micropalpus brevigaster Macquart, 1846, by subsequent des. Townsend, 1916. [BMNH].


Characteristics of Chaetophthalmus include: 1. Body size 6 - 9mm; 2. Prosternal membrane and prosternum finely haired; 3. Facial ridge bare; 4. Parafacials haired.

Distribution in NZ

North Island: AK, BP, CL, TK, WI; South Island: MC, NN; Chatham Islands.

Species in New Zealand

Chaetophthalmus bicolor (Macquart, 1848), exotic introduced to NZ from Australia

Biology and Hosts

Unknown in New Zealand. Chaetophthalmus bicolor has been recorded from all species of Agrotis (Noctuidae) in Australia (Cantrell,1985).


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