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TACHINIDAE: Tachininae: Occisorini: Calosia Malloch, 1938

Zealandotachina (Calosia) binigra Malloch, 1938, orig. des. [type: location unknown]; elevated from subgenus to genus (Dugdale, 1969).


Characteristics of Calosia include: 1. Body size 4.5mm; 2. Parafacials at narrowest point not wider than postpedicel; 3. Body shiny black; 4.Vein M between bend and DM-Cu more than 1/4 length of section between R-M and DM-Cu.

Distribution in NZ

North Island: BP, ND, TK; South Island: BR, FD, MB, MC, NN.

Species in New Zealand

Calosia binigra Malloch 1938; three undescribed spp..

Biology and Hosts



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Accessed: 10 August 2020


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