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TACHINIDAE: Tachininae: Occisorini: Avibrissia Malloch, 1932

Avibrissia longirostris Malloch, 1932, orig. des. [NZAC].


Characteristics of Avibrissia include: 1. Body size ± 12mm; 2. Parafacials at least as wide as or wider than the eye, setulose to middle of parafacials; 3. Vibrissae indistinct, not distinguishable from peristomal bristles on vibrissal angle; 4. Male with outer fronto-orbital bristles directed forward; 5. Proboscis and palps very long.

Distribution in NZ

South Island: BR, NN. Distribution after Malloch 1938, the genus might have a wider distribution.

Species in New Zealand

Avibrissia longirostris Malloch, 1932.

Biology and Hosts



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