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ICHNEUMONIDAE: : Ctenochares Förster 1869


Ctenochares is easily recognized by the colouration of its forewings, with large black tips.

Characteristics of Ctenochares include: 1. Body size 10-20mm; 2. Position of spiracle on T1 clearly behind the centre; 3. Shape of aerolet in forewing is pentagonal (closed); 4. Colour of face not all black; 5. Metasoma compressed dorsal-ventrally; 6. Size of ocelli are small; 7. Length of antennae is shorter than body; 8. Length of ovipositor is barely visible; 9. Wings present; 10. Colour of wings are mostly clear but with dark patches/spots at the tips; 11. Sternaulus (on mesopleuron) absent; 12. Shape of face in lateral view is flat or only weakly bulging; 13. Sternite on T1(viewed laterally) not extending past spiracle; 14. Shape of T1 (viewed laterally) is evenly curved; 15. Number of teeth in mandibles 2; 16. Metasoma bicoloured (orange and black); 17. Length of T1 vs T2 subequal in length; 18. Sculpture on mesoscutum is finely pitted, many hairs; 19. Width of T1 (viewed dorsally) anterior part slender often parallel, strongly widening behind spiracle; 20. Glymma on T1 absent; 21. Sculpture on metasoma is smooth with a semi-glossy or satin appearance at least on T2; 22. Propodeum reaching past coxal insertion, but not reaching halfway along metacoxae.

Similarity to Other Taxa

Ctenochares is easily recognized by the black tips of its forewings.

Ctenochares is a large-sized Ichneumonid in New Zealand. It is similar in size to: Rhyssa , Lissopimpla , Echthromorpha , Ophion (1 species), Enicospilus , Eutanyacra , Ichneumon , Netelia , Xanthocryptus , and Degithina .


Distribution in NZ

North Island: AK, HB.

Species in NZ

One species: Ctenochares bicolorus (Linnaeus, 1767).

Biology & hosts

Ctenochares is primarily an African genus with 10 described species mostly found in savannah habitats (Gauld 1984). One species, C. bicolorus , is recorded from Africa and southern Europe around the Mediterranean. It was first in Australia in the 1970s and in New Zealand in 1981.

In New Zealand Ctenochares bicolorus has been recorded from the Green Garden Looper, Chrysodeixis eriosoma (Noctuidae), and overseas from Chrysodeixis chalcites and Spodoptera litura (both Noctuidae) (Yu et al 2005).

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