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ICHNEUMONIDAE: : Certonotus Kriechbaumer 1889


Certonotus is easily recognised because of its large size, 2-3cm, very long ovipositor and colourful metasoma.

Characteristics of Certonotus include: 1. Body size >20mm; 2. Position of spiracle on T1 of metasoma is at, close to, or before centre; 3. Shape of aerolet in forewing is triangulate; 4. Colour of face is not all black; 5. Metasoma is not distinctly compressed; 6. Size of ocelli are small; 7. Length of antennae is as long, or longer than body; 8. Length of ovipositor very long - as long, or longer than body; 9. Wings present; 10. Colour of wings hyaline (clear); 11. Sternaulus absent; 12. Shape of face in lateral view flat or only weakly bulging; 13. Sternite on T1 (viewed laterally) not extending past spiracle; 14. Shape of T1 (viewed laterally) evenly curved; 15. Number of teeth in mandibles: 2; 16. Metasoma with colourful spots ; 17. Length of T1 vs T2 subequal in length; 18. Sculpture on mesoscutum with transverse striations (wrinkles); 19. Width of T1 (viewed dorsally) of uniform width (slightly widening posteriorly); 20. Glymma on T1 absent; 21. Sculpture on metasoma smooth with a glossy appearance (highly polished, no punctures); 22. Propodeum very short (not reaching beyond coxal insertion).

Similarity to Other Taxa

Certonotus is easily recognised because of its large size, 2-3cm, very long ovipositor and colourful metasoma. Certonotus can only be confused with an introduced biocontrol agent, Megarhyssa . However, Certonotus has distinct yellow spots on top of the metasoma, whereas Megarhyssa has these spots on the sides of the metasoma.

Distribution in NZ

North Island: AK, TK, WI, WN. South Island: NN, NC, BR, SC, WD, FD, SI, SL.

Species in NZ

One endemic species: Certonotus fractinervis (Vollenhoven 1873).

Biology & hosts

Certonotus is widespread in New Zealand but naturally uncommon. Its host is the elephant weevil Rhyncodes ursus (Curculionidae) (Lindsay 1925, Hudson 1927).

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