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Soil testing

The Environmental Chemistry Laboratory does not provide a public soil fertility testing service; however we can assist with commercial contracts and research projects. The following is a list of tests performed historically, along with a brief description and references suitable for inclusion in the Methods section of a publication. Not all are routinely available; please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Test No Test Name
102 Sample Preparation*
  Test Method no. 102(i)  Dry Soil Sample Preparation*
  Test Method no. 102(ii) Wet Soil Sample Preparation*
104 Moisture Factor
  Test Method no. 104(i) Moisture Factor (Formerly 104)
  Test Method no. 104(ii) Water Content
  Test Method no. 104(iii) Water Holding Capacity
105 Bulk Density
106 pH
  Test Method no. 106(i) pH in Water 1:2.5 ratio (formerly 106)
  Test Method no. 106(ii) pH in Water 1:5 ratio (formerly 106)
  Test Method no. 106(iii) pH in 0.01M CaCl2 (formerly 106)
  Test Method no. 106(iv) pH in 1 M KCl (formerly 106)
108 pH in H2O2*
110 Electrical Conductivity
112 Loss on Ignition (LOI)*
114 Organic carbon and total nitrogen
116 Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Phosphorus & [Potassium*] (formerly Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen)
118 Mineral Nitrogen
120 Anaerobic Mineralisable Nitrogen
121 Aerobic Mineralisable Nitrogen*
124 Olsen-Available Phosphorus
126 Bray 2-Soluble Phosphorus
128 0.5M H2SO4-Soluble Phosphorus
130 Organic Phosphorus
132 Phosphate Retention
134 Phosphate Sorption Curves*
140 Bases Shakes*
  Test Method no. 140(i)  Bases - 1:50 Shake*
  Test Method no. 140(ii)  Bases - 1:20 Shake*
142 Bases - Leaching*
144 Cation Exchange Capacity
  Test Method no. 144(i) Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  Test Method no. 144(ii) Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) by pH Drop (formerly 145)*
146 Exchangeable Aluminium*
148 Reserve Potassium*
150 Acid Soluble & Reserve Magnesium*
152 Calcium carbonate*
154 Calcium Nitrate-Extractable Metals (formerly 159)*
156 DTPA-Extractable Metals (formerly 160)*
158 EDTA-Extractable Metals (formerly 161)*
160 Total Metals (formerly 163)*
162 Available Boron*
164 Acid-oxalate-extractable Fe, Al & Si*
166 Pyrophosphate-extractable Fe &Al*
168 Dithionite-citrate-extractable Fe & Al*
172 Soil Basal Respiration*
174 Microbial Biomass Carbon
176 Microbial Biomass Nitrogen*
190 Particle Size

Note: tests marked * are not part of the scope of accreditation.