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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua


Complete eradication is impossible for common insects, because of reinvasion from neighbouring areas. Control in your own home and garden, however, is achievable

Some or all of the following will help control insect pests:

  • Eliminate feeding and breeding sites. Remove accumulations of food scraps and rubbish. Clean up spills of sugary liquids promptly. Drain any pools of water where mosquitoes might breed. Check blocked guttering, saucers under pot plants, old rubber tyres and any containers with water in.
  • Keep premises well ventilated to eliminate the damp and humid conditions favoured by some insects.
  • Replace foodstuffs regularly.
  • Use deterrents, for example camphor, mothballs, repellents on the skin, strong- smelling herbs.
  • Use insecticide baits.
  • Use insecticide spray and powders. Permethrin spray on hard surfaces will act for several weeks. Read instructions carefully.
  • Locate and treat the nests of social insects (wasps, bees and ants).

A few days in the freezer will humanely kill insects or spiders that have been isolated in a container.

For serious infestations, pest control companies should be consulted. Their treatments will be most effective if they have a positive identification of the pest.