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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua


Cultivar No Source: Rene Orchiston 4
Source Source: Rene Orchiston Waihirere, Gisborne District.
Description Source: Rene Orchiston

A fine cultivar. Tall, very bendy leaves, soft but strong. Red margin and keel. Young leaves show reddish/brown shading at tips of blades. Grown in many districts under different names.

Uses Source: Rene Orchiston

Do not boil, but just drag through boiling water. Gum at base has definite healing properties and was used for treating burns.

Muka extraction Source: Katarina Tawiri Muka extracts well. Para removal requires slight scraping with knife.
Raranga - unboiled Source: Katarina Tawiri Good raranga flax. Good length of leaf, softens easily. Waxy quality when softened assists tight weave. Edges do not fray.

Information sources:

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