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Cultivar No Source: Rene Orchiston 10
Source Source: Rene Orchiston Rotoiti area.
Description Source: Rene Orchiston

Users today would give conflicting descriptions of this flax. Rene's plant tallies with information given in early records (Flax Commissioners Report 1871; NZ Department of Agriculture Report, 1908).

Very tall, erect cultivar, up to 3 metres. Straight, wide, medium green blades with yellow margin and keel. Flowers freely, short seed pods.

Uses Source: Rene Orchiston

Makes a very good strong kete (unboiled) which dries out to a lovely rich golden corn colour. Slightly paler when boiled. Not heavy enough for piupiu.

Muka extraction Source: Katarina Tawiri Medium to small amount of muka. Fibre appears weak, para sticks, can be removed with knife.
Raranga - unboiled Source: Katarina Tawiri Butt ends of whenu are much thicker than tips. Creates uneven raranga.

Information sources:

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