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Cultivar No Source: Rene Orchiston 19
Source Source: Rene Orchiston Botanic Gardens, Wellington. Sent from Taranaki in 1870. Identified by Mrs Orchiston in 1972. Also sent to Britain earlier this century. Grew well in Ireland.
Description Source: Rene Orchiston

Very tall, up to 3 metres. Tapering blades, pale bluish-green in colour. No kōrari. Dark brown edge with dark reddish-brown keel.

Uses Source: Rene Orchiston

In Rene's experience, this harakeke does not produce very good fibre. The early records however suggest that H?hiroa was well regarded in Taranaki and Wanganui. Its long fibre was of excellent quality and easily stripped. Used for fine mats, garments, fishing lines and ropes.

Muka extraction Source: Katarina Tawiri Medium amount of muka extracts well and para removes easily.
Raranga - unboiled Source: Katarina Tawiri Good raranga flax. Leathery quality, easy to keep tension. Long leaves, ideal for whāriki.

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