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Cultivar No Source: Rene Orchiston 11
Source Source: Rene Orchiston Urewera.
Description Source: Rene Orchiston

Very tall, broad blades, soft but fairly strong. Pale green. In spring, kōrari are very purple and produce very tall, thin flower heads. In some old records, Wharanui is described as the common, coarse flax. On the East Coast it is known as a fine cultivar.

Uses Source: Rene Orchiston

Soft and easy to use. Ideal for learners. Do not boil. An old lady in the Urewera told Rene that, with care, soft fibre may be produced. It was used for fine cloaks and baby wraps. A fine kete made with this harakeke looked like kiekie (Freycinetia baueriana).

Muka extraction Source: Katarina Tawiri Muka extracts well, para sticks. Produces medium amount of very soft fibre.
Raranga - unboiled Source: Katarina Tawiri Leaf tips are easily split and damaged by wind. Soft and pliable leaves, ideal for beginners and small projects.

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