Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua


Cultivar No Source: Rene Orchiston 40
Source Source: Rene Orchiston Tairawhiti (East Coast).
Description Source: Rene Orchiston

Short, bendy, bright yellow-green blades, giving the bush a yellowish appearance.

Uses Source: Rene Orchiston

Very valuable for kete as it dries to a clear yellow when boiled for half a minute. Gives good contrast for patterns when used with other cultivars. When unboiled, it dries to rich bronze-golden shades. Not a muka variety.

Muka extraction Source: Katarina Tawiri Small amount of fine muka. Often breaks off because of weak fibre.
Raranga - unboiled Source: Katarina Tawiri Beautiful raranga flax, reminding me of Mawaru. Easy to soften, pliable, good for beginners. Whenu very yellow towards tip. Some whenu brake when softening. For small projects where no strength is required.

Information sources:

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