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Further reading & agents released table

Gavin Loxton (left) and Lindsay Smith (right) at a Canterbury hieracium biocontrol site

Gavin Loxton (left) and Lindsay Smith (right) at a Canterbury hieracium biocontrol site

Further reading

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Biocontrol Agents Released in 2019/20

Species Releases made
Honshu white admiral (Limenitis glorifica) 19
Moth plant beetle(Freudeita cupripennis) 4
Tradescantiastem beetle(Lema basicostata) 4
Tradescantia tip beetle (Neolema abbreviata) 1
Tradescantia yellow leaf spot (Kordyana brasiliensis ) 6
Tutsanbeetle (Chrysolina abchasica) 3
Total 37*

*A number of planned released were delayed by the Covid-19 lockdown.