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The worm test.

The worm test.

The VSA Field Guide contains all the information necessary to cary out VSA on your land. The Field Guide is self-explanatory and its use does not require special training or technical skills. While the Field Guide contains a wealth of information about soil quality and its fundamental importance to sustainable resource management, the information is expressed in a simple and concise way, and will provide a useful educational tool.

These volumes are available as PDF files for download. Please note - these are large files and may take several minutes to download, depending on your internet connection. 

Volume 1: Field Guide. cropping and pastoral grazing on flat to rolling country. pdf icon (15.4MB)
Volume 2: Soil Management Guidelines. cropping and pastoral grazing on flat to rolling country. pdf icon (4.1MB)
Volume 3: Field Guide. Hill country land uses. pdf icon (9.3 MB)

Volume 4: Soil management guidelines. Hill country land uses. pdf icon (5.4 MB)

A separate publication Soil Management Guidelines for Sustainable Cropping (available from Manaaki Whenua Press) uses the same techniques as a basis for sustainable cropping management.

The VSA guides were produced with the co-operation of Horizons Regional Council, Hawke's Bay Regional Council, Ministry for the Environment, Wellington Regional Council, and Landcare Research.