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The Ecological Genetics Laboratory, based at Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland, New Zealand, applies DNA technology to a range of environmental research areas, with the focus primarily on conservation, biodiversity and pest management outcomes.

The laboratory is fully equipped for molecular biology and facilitates the work of staff and students contributing to fundamental research projects. 

Laboratory and facilities

The laboratory is an MPI-registered PC2 transitional and containment facility. The lab is equipped to perform various nucleic acid extraction methods, PCR testing (conventional and real-time), fragment analysis and DNA sequencing. The laboratory is kept under negative pressure to contain all airborne materials in the lab. The physical work space is split into pre- and post-PCR areas, with dedicated PCR set up space, allowing for best practice workflow. 

The equipment includes: 

  • QIAcube HT and Connect 
  • Veriti and ProFlex Thermocyclers 
  • Rotor-Gene Q real-time Thermocyclers 
  • 3500xL Genetic Analyzer 
  • MinION real-time sequencer 

Certification and accreditation


  • MPI Regulatory Standard 154.02.17 Transitional facilities for biological products 
  • MPI Biosecurity Standard 154.03.02 Containment facilities for micro-organisms 
  • PC2 accredited facility

Key contacts