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EcoGene®: DNA-based diagnostics

EcoGene® provides commercial services of DNA-based diagnostics for pest management and conservation.

EcoGene provides DNA services and support internationally and in New Zealand to organisations such as local government agencies, universities, zoos and private enterprises.

From laboratories based in Auckland and Lincoln, New Zealand, EcoGene provide services for:

  • Species identification from a range of sample types (tissue, feathers, hairs, scats, saliva);
  • Wildlife monitoring; including DNA profiling, mark-recapture analysis, predator detection and diet analysis;
  • Genotyping (including rapid marker development), parentage and relatedness;
  • Gender analysis in mammals, birds, and some amphibians;
  • Disease screening, including Chytrid fungus testing;
  • Rodenticide resistance screening;
  • Microbial DNA diagnostics including metagenomics from environmental samples;
  • Fungal, bacterial, plant, fish, mollusc and NZ terrestrial invertebrate diagnostics.

Supported by Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research’s extensive Nationally Significant Collections and Databases, EcoGene can provide statements of evidence about species identity for legal cases. 


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