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The following webinars are recorded sessions from 2022 as part of our LinkOnline webinar series.

Environmental Perceptions Survey 2022

Presenters: Pike Stahlmann-Brown and Pam Booth, December 2022

Working with, not on, the land - Insights from landowners making decisions based on a Māori worldview

Presenter: Nikki Harcourt, November 2022

Mice squeak through eradication attempt on Gough Island: what can we learn?

Presenter: Araceli Samaniego, October 2022

Safeguarding the life-supporting capacity of soils

Presenter: Jo Cavanagh, October 2022

Soil carbon -​ Risks and opportunities in Aotearoa

Presenter: Paul Mudge, September 2022

Wetland vegetation - a lens on how our wetlands are changing

Presenter: Olivia Burge, September 2022

It's all about the relationship! Building social licence to operate

Presenters: Dean Stronge, Robyn Kannemeyer and Peter Edwards, August 2022

More Birds in the Bush

Presenters: Susan Walker & Adrian Monks, June 2022

Geothermal hot spots as global warming experiments

Presenter: Manpreet Dhami, April 2022

Digging deeper on soil compaction and pugging

Presenter: John Drewry, January 2022