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Beyond Myrtle Rust is proud to bring you the myrtle rust webinar series

How to take part

Please register to receive a link to join individual webinar sessions.  Registration also ensures that you receive invitations to future webinars.

Webinar videos will be made available after the live presentation. 

See also the Webinar Help Guide. [PDF]

Upcoming webinars

Fungal antagonists of myrtle rust from Brazil: diversity and biocontrol potential 

Presented by: Robert Barreto, University of Vicosa

8th June 2022, 11:00am NZST 

Details and registration link to come.

Previous webinars

Using metabolites as biomarkers for the identification of resistance to myrtle rust and to detect early-stage infection 

Presenter: Michelle Moffit, May 2022


The ecological importance of the Myrtaceae in the woody ecosystems of New Zealand

Presenter: Insu Jo, April 2022


From surveillance to epidemiology: learning from myrtle rust

Presenter: Rebecca Campbell, March 2022


Molecular detection of different strains of Austropuccinia psidii 

Presenter: Jane Stewart, February 2022


Unprecedented extinction of tree species by fungal disease

Presenter: Rod Fensham, December 2021


Freezing for the future: Can seed banking fleshy Myrtaceae seeds buy time in the myrtle rust battle?

Presenter: Karin van der Walt, November 2021


Can different strains of Austropuccinia psidii outcross on a universal host?

Presenter: Alistair McTaggart, October 2021

Predicting future spread of myrtle rust in Aotearoa New Zealand

Presenter: Rob Beresford, September 2021


Monitoring the impact of Austropuccinia psidii on native Myrtaceae in the ngahere

Presenter: Roanne Sutherland, August 2021


Austropuccinia psidii rust (myrtle rust) in the Western Hemisphere

Presenter: Phil Cannon, July 2021


Harnessing foliar fungal communities for endangered plant conservation

Presenter: Mason Kamalani Chock, June 2021


RNA interference-mediated control of myrtle rust

Presenter: Anne Sawyer, May 2021


Strings attached: managing ex-situ plants highly susceptible to pathogens

Presenter: Emma Bodley, April 2021


Austropuccinia psidii: the threat of other strains

Presenter: Julia Soewarto, March 2021

Chasing myrtle rust in NZ: biosecurity response diagnostics and beyond

Presenter: Merje Toome, February 2021

The other pandemic: unlocking the Austropuccinia psidii genome to help fight myrtle rust

Presenter: Peri Tobias, December 2020

Fire and rust: The impact of myrtle rust on post-fire regeneration in Australia

Presenter: Geoff Pegg, November 2020

Predicting Refuges from Myrtle Rust

Presenter: James McCarthy, October 2020