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Umbonichiton bullatus Henderson & Hodgson

Knobbly scale
[Umbonichiton bullatus]. Young adult female.

[Umbonichiton bullatus]. Young adult female.

The species name bullatus means "knobbly or knobbed", because not only is the wax test knobbly but also the female's skin underneath has rows of rounded folds.

Biology: one or two generations per year. The new generation is produced from summer to autumn [the photo above was taken in May]. Probably overwinters as young adult females. Males and females develop on the stems, occasionally a few males also on the leaves.

Found on the stems of:

Kunzea ericoides kānuka
Leptospermum scoparium mānuka
Podocarpus totara tōtara
Weinmannia racemosa kāmahi