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Pulvinaria mesembryanthemi (Vallot)

Ice plant scale
[Pulvinaria mesembryanthemi]

[Pulvinaria mesembryanthemi]

Vallot named this species mesembryanthemi after the genus of some ice plants, in 1829.

Status in New Zealand: an exotic (adventive) species, first recorded here in 1987. Not important economically. Found on one native ice plant by the seashore, and on exotic ice plants in gardens.

Biology: perhaps more than one generation per year.

Found on the stems and leaves of:

  1. seashore, on native ice plant(s): Diphysma australe
  2. in gardens, on exotic ice plants: Carpobrotus sp., Lampranthus sp., Mesembryanthemum crystallinum, Mesembryanthemum sp.