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More Birds in the Bush: Mid-programme update

The more birds in the bush MBIE-funded programme has passed its midway point. This webinar event fed back and discussed the research we’ve completed so far, and initiated collaborations to apply what we have learned to management over the next two years.

The presentations were given across two days and broken up into eight sessions. The first seven sessions covered the following themes and are available to watch below; Resources in time and space (session 2), Predators and management in time and space (sessions 3 & 4), Forest bird outcomes (sessions 5 & 6), and what do forest managers want and need from research (session 7).

Session 1: Introduction

Roles of predation and resources in forest bird declines and limitation - John Innes

Session 2: Resources in time and space

Characterising drivers of ship rats and bird outcomes: variation across space and time scales, Adrian Monks

Impacts of forest pests and environment on fruit abundance, Jo Carpenter

Tawa fruit variation, Oscar Clendon

Fruit and flower phenology across an elevation gradient, Sarah Richardson (presented by Adrian Monks)

Q&A on session 2

Session 3: Predators and managers in time and space

Ship rat dynamics across elevation gradients through a mega mast: roles of food resources and temperature, Jo Carpenter

Ship rat migration to high elevation forest in a mega mast, Dean Anderson

Ship rats, stoats and winter temperatures: recent research results, Dave Kelly

Session 4

Effects of aerial management on ship rats in NZ forests, Susan Walker

What affects ship rat kill rates in aerial management operations? Josh Kemp

Reinvasion of ship rats after aerial management, James Griffiths

Q&A from all presentations in the Predators and management in time and space sessions

Session 5: Forest bird outcomes

Effects of aerial management on forest birds, Graeme Elliott

Disentangling food and predator effects on bird vital rates, Anne Schlesselmann 

Session 6

"Successful" translocations: inferences from post-release modelling, Kevin Parker (presented by Doug Armstrong)

Inferences from intensive post-release monitoring of mainland reintroductions, Zoe Stone

Adaptive management of forest bird reintroductions under predator control, Doug Armstrong

Q&A on all presentations from the Forest bird outcomes sessions

Session 7: What do forest managers want and need from research?

Tama Blackburn, Taranaki Mounga

Rhys Burns, Department of Conservation

Jamie McAuley, Department of Conservation

Roger Uys, Greater Wellington Regional Council

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