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The website provides a searchable database of published and unpublished articles and references relevant to wild rabbits and their management in New Zealand.

More than 3000 references (most from Australia and New Zealand) cover a range of topics including basic rabbit biology, ecology, population monitoring, and control methods, and span almost a century of research and management. Many of the references can be downloaded via the website.The database was developed as a resource not just to ensure all available information and knowledge was available for research, but also that it was accessible to rabbit managers, farmers, and the public.

This work was contracted by the NZ Foundation for Research Science and Technology as part of Landcare Research’s Small Mammal Pest Control research programme. The database is based on the extensive personal reference collections of Don Ross, and the late Jim Bell. We gratefully acknowledge their efforts in collating this material, and thank them for providing electronic catalogues of their collections, and hard copies of many of the papers and reports.

Rabbit management information