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Land Use - Modelling for Indicators

Manaaki Whenua -- Landcare Research, and the IDA team in particular, is leading the research on ecosystem services mapping and modelling and has contributed to international initiatives such as the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) that reviewed the state and trends of biodiversity and ecosystem services across the Asia and the Pacific (IPBES 2018; Ning et al. 2018). We developed models to map ecosystem services at the national scale in a previous MBIE programme. These models were transferred into LUMASS (the Land Use Management Support System) software and updated LUMASS to use the latest land use map developed by Manderson et al. (2018). LUMASS is a software developed at Manaaki Whenua for spatial dynamic modelling.

LUMASS screenshot

Land use and land cover information is fundamental to understand pressure and state of our environment. We used our knowledge on land use to update a new set of ecosystem services spatial layers, including data for greenhouse gas emission, nitrate leaching, water yield, sediment lost, and sediment retained. These datasets are available through the LRIS portal. These indicators are essential to inform environmental reporting purposes (Ausseil & Manderson 2018; Ministry for the Environment 2018; Rutledge et al. 2015), or nutrient budgeting (Singh R 2018). More work is still required to refine concepts of land use intensity and how intensity impacts on our soil and water (Manderson 2018).


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