Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua


Landcare Research

Suzie Greenhalgh – Programme lead; specialises in environmental policy,  decision-making and ecosystem services.

Philip Lyver – Māori lead; specialises in the interface ecological science  between Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

Shaun Awatere – specialises in the articulation and use of Māori values to  guide policy development.

Fraser Morgan – specialises in spatial agent-based modelling.

Bob Frame – specialises in the human dimensions of environmental  management.


Estelle Dominati – specialises in farm system modelling, farm-scale  Ecosystem Services quantification and economic valuation, and applications for  resource management.

Alec Mackay – specialises in soil science, land evaluation, planning,  policy and quantifying ecosystem services from pastoral systems.


Eckehard Brockerhoff – specialises in biodiversity and ecosystem service  relationships in production landscapes.

University of Canterbury – School of Biological  Sciences

Jason Tylianakis– specialist  in ecosystem services and their response to land-use practices at different  scales.

Carla  Gómez-Creutzberg (PhD Student) – specializes in landscape planning of ecosystem  services.

University of Auckland – School of Environment

George Perry – specialises in developing/evaluating empirically informed  spatial simulation models of ecosystem change past and present.

Breanna  Powers (PhD Student) – specialises in ecosystem services and land-use and cover  change modelling in multi-functional landscapes.

Catalyst Group

Fleur Maseyk – specialises in regional policy development for the  protection of indigenous biodiversity.

Stakeholder Partners

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Beef and Lamb NZ

Department of Conservation

Environment Southland

Ministry for Primary Industries

Plant and Food Research

Sustainable Business Council

Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust

University of Otago

Former stakeholder partners

Greater Wellington Regional Council