Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Research outputs

The Trojan Female Technique: a novel, effective and humane approach for pest population control

An academic paper that uses generic mathematical modelling to demonstrate the conceptual basis for the Trojan Female Technique.

The Trojan Female Technique : a novel, non-lethal approach for pest control

A popular science article outlining the concept behind the Trojan Female Technique and the benefits potentially achievable through its use.

Social acceptablility of the Trojan Female Technique for the biological control of pests

A report on focus group work to identify drivers of the social acceptability of pest management approaches in general, and the acceptability of the Trojan Female Technique specifically.

The Mother's Curse

A University of Otago honours thesis assessing how the Trojan Female Technique may behave when used in conjunction with Wolbachia bacteria for insect population control.

The Trojan Female Technique: Feasibility studies for invertebrate pest control

A report exploring the feasibility of Trojan Female Technique control of fruit fly, pasture weevil and varroa mite populations.

Trojan Female Project User Needs Analysis

A report documenting the economic costs of key pests to New Zealand’s agricultural industries, costs that the Trojan Female Technique could help reduce.