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Tectarchus Salmon

Species from the genus Tectarchus are common throughout much of the North Island and northern South Island. These species can be found on Astelia epiphytes, rata, and Coprosma. There are four recognised species:

  • Tectarchus salebrosus (Hutton 1899)
  • Tectarchus huttoni (Brunner 1907)
  • Tectarchus ovobessus Salmon 1954
  • Tectarchus semilobatus Salmon 1954

Tectarchus huttoni and Tectarchus ovobessus are usually green coloured although light brown forms are common also. Tectarchus salebrosus and Tectarchus semilobatus are usually light or dark brown in colour. One of the best ways to identify these species is by the shape of their eggs. Although Salmon (1991) stated that T. ovobessus was parthenogenetic we have found numerous sexual populations.

Tectarchus salebrosus

Tectarchus ovobessus

Tectarchus huttoni