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Mosquitoes in New Zealand

Mosquitoes are a family of flies (Culicidae, Diptera). There are more than 3400 species of mosquitoes and they are found in all parts of the world, even in the Arctic.

The mosquitoes of New Zealand

New Zealand has an unusual and interesting mosquito fauna. All New Zealand mosquitoes are in the subfamily Culicinae. At the present time (2004) there are 16 species (in 6 genera) known from New Zealand, 13 species are native and 12 of these are found nowhere else in the world, i.e. they are endemic. Two of the three introduced species have been in New Zealand a long time, probably arriving with whalers on sailing ships in the 19th century. The third introduced species (Ochlerotatus camptorhynchus) arrived about 1998 and was first found in swamp land near Napier. Some species are widespread geographically, while others are found in only parts of the country.

Table of mosquito genera in New Zealand (including the Kermadec Islands). The number after each genus is the number of species.

Subfamily Culicinae

Tribe Genera
Culicini Culex (4)

Culiseta (2)

Mansoniini Coquillettidia (2)
Aedini Opifex (1)
Ochlerotatus (6)
Sabethini Maorigoeldia (1)