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Detailed risk assessment

<em>Monomorium destructor</em> (Jerdon)

Monomorium destructor (Jerdon)

A detailed pest risk assessment was prepared for each of the eight species scored as high threats on the risk assessment scorecard.

These assessments review known information on the ant and interpret this information in the context of the risk and consequences of establishment in New Zealand.

Anoplolepis gracilipes pdf icon 2.14 MB
Lasius neglectus pdf icon 1.43 MB
Paratrechina longicornis pdf icon 1.64 MB
Solenopsis geminata pdf icon 1.96 MB
Solenopsis richteri pdf icon 1.74 MB
Tapinoma melanocephalum pdf icon 1.66 MB
Wasmannia auropunctata pdf icon 1.60 MB