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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Seabird ecology

Scientific findings and/or mātauranga (traditional knowledge) information will advance our understanding of processes that regulate seabird populations around New Zealand and in Antarctica.

Identifying and developing an understanding of the human, biological and physical factors that influence seabird populations and ecosystem processes will assist iwi and relevant Crown agencies to implement effective management of these resources and environments.

Research is needed to:

  • Determine the abundance of seabird populations
  • Identify what biological, physical and human factors influence and regulate seabird populations
  • Understand the mechanisms of how these factors regulate seabird populations
  • Determine the sustainability of seabird harvests
  • Determine the impact of climate change on seabird populations and ecosystems that support them
  • Support Māori aspirations to manage seabird populations and their island ecosystems


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