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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua


Next year’s survey:  Saturday 27 June - Sunday 5 July 2020

What to do

Sit and watchFind a comfy seat (either inside or outside).
If you are outside, be careful not to frighten birds away from your garden. If you have a bird feeder or water bath, you may like to watch an area of your garden that includes that feature. You don’t have to be able to see your whole garden, just part of your garden.

Watch for an hourSit for ONE hour and look for birds.

Record what you seeFor each species record the HIGHEST number seen at any one time.
Use the form below to record what you see.
If you see 1 blackbird at one time, then later see 2 at one time, record this as 2. Don’t add them up.
You are allowed to count birds you hear but do not see, as well as birds flying or calling overhead.

Identifying birds

If you are unsure of a bird’s identity, see how to identify birds.

If you are still unsure of a bird’s identity, write description of bird (size, colours, etc.) on survey form.

Returning your data

  1. Enter your data online
    We encourage you to enter your data directly onto the web.
    This will reduce the time it will take us to enter your data, and speed up analysis and feedback of results.

  2. OR - fill in a printed recording form
    You can fax or post your filled-out recording form pdf icon to the address on the form and we will enter your data for you.
  • If you participate as a group (e.g. as a family or a school class) please send in only one data form for the whole group.
  • If you wish, you can do surveys at more than one location (use a separate form for each location). Record the address where you did the survey if different from your contact address, so we can plot the results on a map.

Many thanks for taking part – hope you enjoy it. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

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