Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Feathered fun

Win a wonderful nectar feeder with our Colouring Competition
Colouring competition

Let your children get creative with the NZ Garden Bird Survey colouring competition. Great prizes up for grabs...

1st: Amelia Dale (12)
Winning entries: 2016 colouring competition

Brilliant bird masks

Printable masks, both in colour and black and white for colouring in. Why not wear one while you do your survey?

The Chocolate Fish Index
How big is that bird? The Chocolate Fish Index

It is easier to identify a bird when you know how big it is. We have invented ‘the chocolate fish index’ to help you - it compares the weights of 16 common garden birds with our 20g chocolate fish

Gardens are like layer cakes
Where do birds feed? Gardens are like cake

What do cakes and gardens have in common? Layers! Explore some garden layers to find out where different birds feed.

Quiz: Garden bird knowledge

Quiz: how well do you know your Māori bird names?

Test your knowledge and challenge your friends with our Māori bird name quiz.

Quiz: He pai tō mōhio i ngā ingoa o ngā manu?

Māori bird names - with questions in te reo

Quiz: can you identify these birds?

Quiz: E taunga ana koe ki ēnei manu?

Bird quiz - with questions in te reo. Can you combine your knowledge of the two?

Quiz: can you identify more birds?

Brush up your garden bird identification skills - try our quiz and see how many you know!

Your pictures

Post your bird survey pictures with #NZGBS and we'll display as many as we can here! Full details