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Winning logo concept

To help us develop a logo for the New Zealand Garden Bird Survey, we asked participants to tell us which of eight candidate concepts they preferred. Seven hundred people took part in our online survey.

Winning Garden Bird Survey logo concept

Winning Garden Bird Survey logo concept

The winner

The fantail’s charismatic nature is beautifully captured in the winning concept. It was developed by an emerging visual communications designer, Fabiola C. Rodríguez Estrada. Fabiola recently set up her own company, Links, specialising in designing visual communications for science and education, after completing an exchange from her home country of Mexico at the University of Otago. Visit the Links website to see more of Fabiola’s work.

Why a fantail?

Some participants asked why a fantail was selected for the logo concept development. This charismatic, iconic New Zealand species has welcomed participants to the New Zealand Garden Bird Survey homepage for a number of years. As the fantail has become a flagship species for the survey, it seemed appropriate to incorporate it into the logo.

Official release – celebrating 10 years of New Zealand Garden Bird Surveys

The winning concept is now being prepared ready for its official release as part of the New Zealand Garden Bird Survey’s 10-year anniversary celebrations.

How did the other logo concepts rank?


Joint 2nd place

Joint 3rd place

Joint 4th place


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