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Song thrush

Song thrushes are often welcome visitors, as they help keep snail pests under control in our gardens. This species, which was introduced to New Zealand in the 1860s, has rapidly declined in its native British range over the last 50 years.

Scientific name: Turdus philomelos
Other names: Thrush

New Zealand Status: Introduced
Conservation Status: Naturalised

Where they feed: Ground, shrubs and trees.
What they eat: Invertebrates and fruit

Garden types

Song thrushes are seen in 40-50% of surveyed gardens, with a slightly higher chance of being seen in rural areas. Feeding birds won't influence your chances of finding a song thrush.

Garden location

Song thrushes are least likely to be found in gardens in Otago; they are most likely to be seen in Gisborne, Manawatū-Wanganui and Tasman regions on the North Island.