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Silvereyes, which made their own way to New Zealand from Australia about 150 years ago, are the most common native bird in New Zealand’s gardens. This species was also voted the third favourite garden bird by NZ Garden Bird Survey participants.

Scientific name: Zosterops lateralis
Other names: blight-bird, karu-patene, pihipihi, potirikai, tauhou, waxeye, whiorangi, white-eye,

New Zealand Status: Native (Self-introduced)
Conservation Status: Not threatened

Where they feed: Ground, shrubs, trees and in the air.
What they eat: Invertebrates, fruit and nectar

Garden types

Silvereyes are found in two-thirds of surveyed gardens. This species is 20% more likely to be found in gardens with feeders, where more than double the number of birds can be seen.

Garden location

Silvereyes are found in gardens nationwide but are most common in the gardens on the South Island, particularly in the eastern and southern regions. They are seen in lowest numbers in Auckland, Wellington and Hawke’s Bay.

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