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Greenfinches have a heavy beak for cracking seeds. In Canterbury, very large flocks of hundreds of greenfinches gather to feed on valuable seed crops, such as radish seeds.

Scientific name: Carduelis chloris
Other names: European greenfinch, green linnet, greenie

New Zealand Status: Introduced
Conservation Status: Naturalised

Where they feed: Ground, shrubs and trees.
What they eat: Seeds, invertebrates, buds

Garden types

Greenfinch are found in about 10% of surveyed gardens, irrespective of whether the garden is in a rural or urban area. However, if you feed birds, then your chance of finding a greenfinch in your garden will double.

Garden location

Greenfinches are most likely to be found in gardens on the South Island, particularly Marlborough, Canterbury and Southland. They are least likely to be seen in gardens in Northland and on the West Coast of the South Island.