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Garden bird survey

This year's survey: 29 June - 7 July 2019

Birds are important indicators of the health of New Zealand’s environment, and to help us discover and learn more about NZ garden birds, participate in this citizen science project. Learn more about the NZ Garden Bird Survey here - there are lots of activities and resources to keep everyone entertained.

Sit for ONE hour, and look and listen for birds.
Doing the survey

All you need to know to take part: how to do the survey, submit your observations and identify birds.

Progress update

Daily progress updates as Garden Bird Survey data is submitted

Colouring Competition

Let your children get creative with the NZ Garden Bird Survey colouring competition. Great prizes up for grabs...

State of NZ Garden Birds 2017 | Te āhua o ngā manu o te kāri i Aotearoa

Birds act as 'backyard barometers' - telling us about the health of the environment we live in. We should be listening. Birds are signalling significant changes in our environment over the last 11 years, according to the State of NZ Garden Birds 2017 | Te Āhua o ngā Manu o te Kāri i Aotearoa 2017 report just released by Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research.

State of NZ's Garden Birds - cover
State of New Zealand Garden Birds 2016 - Te āhua o ngā manu o te kāri i Aotearoa

NZ Garden Bird Survey shows some bird populations have dramatically declined over the last 10 years. The most spectacular decline has been for the silvereye, the most common native bird in our gardens, which has declined by 44% nationally.

Why take part - your contribution matters

Find out why you should take part in the NZ Garden Bird Survey

Feathered fun

Activities, masks, competitions, video clips and more

Get social

Find us on social media and share photos and stories about the birds in your garden, as well as to receive news and results.

Resources for schools
Resources for schools

Activities and resources for schools - NZ Garden Bird Survey

The Garden Bird Survey
The story so far

The story so far for 16 common garden visitors: see what we have learnt from the 25,000+ gardens surveyed by volunteers since 2007.

Discover and learn

Keep everyone entertained: Bird colouring sheets, activities for schools, feeding birds and learning more about garden birds in New Zealand and overseas.

Behind the scenes

Converting bird count data into a meaningful summary can be tricky. Explore some challenges being tackled behind the scenes.


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