Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Report: initial focus group findings

Preliminary results from our focus groups with a wide range of people and organisations involved in bird monitoring and reporting. This initial round of focus group discussions aimed to explore the range of needs, experiences and views on bird monitoring and reporting.

Kaka (<em>Nestor meridionalis</em>)
Diverse interests in birds

Focus group participants had diverse interests in birds and motivations for bird monitoring.

Word cloud summary of terms used in the discussion of bird species of interest.
Species of interest

Focus group participants were generally most interested in knowing about and monitoring native New Zealand birds, especially forest species.

Word cloud summary of occurrence of terms used in the discussion of bird monitoring measures or indicators.
Metrics of interest

Focus group participants were generally interested in the similar types of data, but in different levels of detail.

Kea (<em>Nestor notabilis</em>). Image - John Hunt
Reporting requirements and preferences

Focus group participants highlighted that the form, style and content of reporting should be customised according to the audience (i.e. no one approach suits all stakeholders).

Facts and figures: focus groups

Lots of people and organisations generously donated their time to participate in the initial round of focus groups. Here are some preliminary facts and figures summarising the effort involved.