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Sustainable futures

We are investigating long-term sustainable development policies in New Zealand and overseas and are researching ways to enable change towards sustainability, developing tools and methods to support this.

We have developed quantitative and qualitative scenarios, which have been disseminated through a range of formal presentations and our 'Futures Game' sessions. We are also developing scenarios for businesses outlining the potential changes, challenges and opportunities for specific business sectors.

The 'Futures Game' process has been developed for local government and business to promote long-term thinking and increase understanding of the requirement for, and implications of, sustainable development. This game has been applied successfully at TIANZ, Local Government NZ, the Public Health Association, Ministry of Transport, DOC, MfE and others.

End-users of our research are in central and local government (e.g. SSC, Secondary Futures, MoRST, CCC, ECan), sectoral organisations (e.g. TIANZ. PCE), and other organisations and communities (e.g. Hui Taumata) and businesses (Fonterra, Plastics New Zealand). We also have good contacts with the business sector and the Australasian Joint Agencies Scanning Group.

Work areas:

  • Series of qualitative scenarios for New Zealand in 20 and 50 years
  • 'Futures Game' to promote long-term thinking and increase understanding of the requirement for, and implications of, sustainable development
  • Business future scenarios - What changes might businesses face over the next 30 years and what opportunities are starting to develop? What can businesses do today to be better prepared for tomorrow?


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