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Collaborating with iwi

Motueka River. Image - Adrienne Farr

A collaborative research model for working with iwi

This discussion paper is prepared for the Foundation for Research Science and Technology (FRST), to help develop an effective collaborative research model (or models) for working with iwi. The paper uses the FRST-funded Ngati Porou programme "Mäori community goals for enhancing ecosystem health" (FRST contract TWWX0001) as a case study, but draws on Landcare Research's experience working with a number of Mäori organisations on a range of projects. The paper outlines some of the key ingredients of successful collaborative research with iwi. It also describes some of the barriers to, and difficulties in, setting up collaborative research projects with Mäori. The paper is intended to promote ideas and some recommendations for discussion, rather than being an exhaustive and definitive report.



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