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Nature Services plant selection guide

Stormwater management plantings

Nature Services® is an online tool to help you select locally suitable native plant species for specific purposes.

It is a one-stop shop that provides regionally, environmentally and purpose appropriate plant selection for habitat restoration, shelter, landscaping, mitigation, wildlife, cultural uses and other ‘ecological services’.

Over 1000 plant species are included.  Species uses are linked to New Zealand soil, plant and research databases and on-the-ground experience in which Landcare Research and other publicly funded agencies have invested over many decades.  Case studies and links to regional technical guides and brochures (by local councils) bring currently scattered resources together and integrate values for individual projects. For example, we provide links to Plant me Instead pamphlets and guides to riparian restoration, shelter belt planting, landscaping of stormwater treatment devices, and green roofs.

By bringing this information together in one place, Nature Services should improve confidence in the use of native plants, increase the success and values of planting efforts, and expand the range of native plants conventionally used. Nature Services highlights the variety of services that plants can provide and encourages use of native plants for these purposes.

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